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Tire Repair Kit - Part #3001029 - PowerSport Accessories
The Hypertech Tire Repair Kit includes a versatile group of tools to help you fix a flat tire quickly to get you back out on the trail. The tools are heavy duty to handle cleaning and plugging a hole in your tire, but the kit was designed to be compact so it takes up minimal space in your rig. The internal pouches and external straps secure the parts easily and quickly when you’re not using it. This is the perfect add-on travel tool kit for any off-road adventures, or even your daily driver for emergencies.
- Heavy Duty T-handle Reamer (1)
- Heavy Duty T-handle Plug Inserter (1)
- Needle Nose Pliers (1)
- Tire Pressure Gauge (1)
- Valve Core Remover (1)
- Self-Vulcanizing Plugs (30)
- Internal Tire Patchs (3)
- Rubber Cement (1)
- Razor Blade (1)
- Valve Stems (2)
- Instructions (1)
- Carrying Case (1)

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Tire Repair Kit - Part #3001029 - PowerSport Accessories