Part #3001025 - Spectrum Powersports Accessories| Hypertech – Hypertech, Inc.
Xtreme Blow Off Valve - Part #3001025 - PowerSport Accessories
- Replaces the plastic factory unit that can potentially crack or warp, resulting in a loss of power

- Ensures maximum durability, heat dissipation, and adjustable turbo response

- Adjustable spring pressure control allows capacity to handle higher boost pressures from Hypertech Tuning

- Valve is designed to recirculate just as the factory valve does. Is not intended to vent to atmosphere which can allow unfiltered air to enter the engine during power transitions. Does not include parts to allow venting to atmosphere.

- Constructed entirely of 6061 anodized red aluminum

- Installs with simple hand tools

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Xtreme Blow Off Valve - Part #3001025 - PowerSport Accessories