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Optimized Engine Tuning For Maximum Power & Performance

XP Turbo and Turbo S

Our Hypertech Engineers developed features that truly redefine the capability of the Polaris XP Turbo and Turbo S. Stage 1 tuning adds a nice bump in power by optimizing the spark map and removing all throttle restrictions. Stage 2 does the same and adds a little more boost for extra power. Stage 3 maximizes the power possible with premium octane pump gas, and Stage 3-RG requires race fuel to give you the most power possible from your RZR. All tunes offer lower EGTs than the factory tune, and do not require retuning for air intakes and exhaust modifications. We do recommend an aftermarket clutch kit with Stage 3 and Stage 3RG to ensure the additional power does not shorten belt life. The Max Energy Spectrum offers tuning and versatility never offered for the Polaris XP/XP4 Turbos.

Stage 1 – This tune adds a nice bump in power by optimizing the spark map and removing all throttle restrictions from the factory tuning.
Stage 2 – This tune builds on top of the Stage 1 tune and increases boost slightly for extra power.
Stage 3 – This tune maximizes the power possible with premium octane pump gas by increasing boost and eliminating factory throttle restrictions.
Stage 3-RG – This tune requires the use of high octane race fuel. Failure to do so could result in engine damage. This tune uses the maximum power boost curve in Stage 3, and a very aggressive timing curve to give you the most powerful tune possible from your RZR.

Tuning – XP 1000 and RS1

Our Hypertech Engineers developed features that truly redefine the capability of the Max Energy Spectrum Power Programmer. During the 34 days of dyno tuning and testing we developed over 100 different custom tunes to find the most power possible out of each octane. Not only is there a tune specifically for each octane of pump gas, but there are numerous other customizable features that let you dial in the tune for your RZR to be exactly what you want. Whether you need a good belt break-in tune, or an all out Race tune with changes to the speed limiters, you're set. You can even recalibrate the speedometer for larger tires, and even for portals. The Max Energy Spectrum offers tuning and versatility never offered for the Polaris RZR XP/XP4 1000.

87 Octane Tuning – This tune allows you to run low octane fuel and still gives you an extra 5HP to the tire and an average of 4% more power everywhere.
89 Octane Tuning – This tune increase power just a bit more than the 87 Octane tune due to the extra octane and increases the power gain up to 6HP to the tire.
91 Octane Tuning – This tune steps up the power again to take advantage of Premium Octane Fuel. You’ll see an extra 8.5HP to the tire and 5% overall under the curve.
93 Octane Tuning – This is our maximum performance tune which require 93 Octane fuel or better. With the extra octane we were able to increase power by 6% on average, and to 9.2HP more measured at the tire.

Emissions Certified 50-State Legal

Hypertech offers an emissions certified version of the Max Energy Spectrum that is legal in all 50 states, including California. Only applications that have been emissions certified for sale in California are available in this version. In addition, there is NO DIFFERENCE IN POWER, PERFORMANCE, OR FEATURE OPTIONS for the same vehicles offered in the non-certified version.

Speedometer Calibrator

If you’ve installed tires that are larger or smaller than original equipment tires, or if you have installed a ring and pinion gear set with a different rear gear ratio, the Max Energy Spectrum allows you to re-program for correct speedometer readings, as well as correct part-throttle shifting. The vehicle’s computer calculates your vehicle’s speed based on the diameter of the stock tires. If you’ve installed taller or shorter tires, or changed the rear gear ratio, the vehicle’s computer doesn’t know how fast your vehicle is going. As a result, the automatic transmission may not shift correctly and the speedometer readings will not be accurate (as required by law).

Top-Speed Limiter

TOP SPEED LIMITER (Hi, Low): Lower, or Raise to Match Speed Rated Tires – This option allows you to adjust the top speed limiter in LOW range and HIGH range independently to match the speed rating of your tires.

TOP SPEED LIMITER (Seat Belt): Lower, or Raise to Match Tires – If you have installed aftermarket safety harnesses you can adjust the Speed Limiter associated with the seat belt to match the speed rating of your tires.

Wide Open Throttle Fueling

This option allows you to increase the wide open throttle (WOT) fueling to account for airflow changes you have made to the exhaust system. Specifically, we saw the need for this option due to exhaust system changes which affect the airflow through the engine during valve overlap events. These changes are not measured by the ECU’s manifold pressure sensor which is used to calculate airflow and thus fueling. We optimized the WOT Fueling for two different exhaust systems (high-flow, and straight-through mufflers). Without changes to the WOT Fueling these systems caused a loss in power due to a lean condition. In fact, even with the corrected fueling (and timing) we saw no performance advantage over the factory muffler from either type of exhaust system. It is also against Federal and California emissions regulations to alter the exhaust systems on your RZR. We do not recommend modifying the exhaust system, but we want to ensure that your engine is not running in a dangerously lean condition if you do.

For Tubro applcations an additional option was not necessary to account for any airflow changes made to the intake or exhaust tract on the RZR. Hypertech thoroughly tested aftermarket parts and expanded the tuning area to account for airflow changes made by eliminating airflow restrictions although we found that the factory air intake and exhaust systems are not major air restrictions. It is against Federal and California emissions regulations to alter the exhaust systems on your RZR. We do not recommend modifying the exhaust system.

RPM “Rev” Limiter

In today’s vehicles, the onboard computer controls maximum engine rpm. The stock computer is programmed to shut down the engine when it reaches its redline. But if you have modified your vehicle to increase its high-speed performance, more rpm means more power. When you shift gears with the stock rpm limit, the engine falls back to below the peak of its horsepower curve. When you extend the engine’s rpm range with the Max Energy Spectrum Power Programmer, your engine has more power available after gear changes. By adjusting the maximum rpm to keep the engine in the “sweet spot” of its power curve, you can increase the average horsepower that accelerates the vehicle.

Engine Idle RPM

Adjust the engine’s idle RPM to improve fuel economy, eliminate vibrations or improve the charging system.

Two Foot Limiter

For those of you who use both feet to drive your machines to the limit we can trip the two foot power limiter which is an immediate buzzkill when you’re driving hard. Adjust this limiter to a higher RPM of 5000RPM, or even disable it altogether to ensure your ride is dialed in to perform.

Throttle Response

Tailoring the throttle response of your RZR makes a world of difference in all different driving conditions. Because we all have different driving styles, modifications, and driving conditions we simply couldn’t build the throttle response into the base tune for you. There is no one-size-fits all that would work. The Spectrum Power Programmer allows you to tweak the drivability the exact way you want it. You can even choose your throttle response to be different in LOW gear or HIGH gear, which really works great when you switch terrain. Select between BELT, MILEAGE, STOCK, TRAIL, SPORT, SPORT+, and RACE.

Belt – This tune detunes the maximum power delivery to ensure you break in your belt properly. It can also be used to limit the throttle for beginner drivers who may need a little seat time to acclimate to the full power of the machine

Mileage – This tune incorporates Hypertech’s smooth take-off power delivery throttle response while still keeping power delivery smooth and easy like the factory tune.

Stock – The factory throttle response and power delivery setting.

Trail – This tune incorporates Hypertech’s smooth take-off power delivery and increases the power throughout the pedal range.

Sport – This tune increase power delivery even more while still incorporating Hypertech smooth take-off throttle response.

Sport+ - This tune is much more aggressive than stock, but does still incorporate Hypertech’s smooth take-off throttle response.

Race – This is an all-out aggressive throttle response tune which delivers immediate throttle response which gets you up in the revs immediately.

Cooling Fan "On / Off" Temps

The Max Energy Spectrum allows you to adjust the “on/off” temperatures of your vehicle’s electric cooling fans to match a lower temperature thermostat, such as a Hypertech PowerStat. A low-temperature thermostat produces a cooler, denser intake charge, is less likely to detonate under heavy loads and allows the engine to make more power

Read & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes(DTCs)

If you get a “check engine” light or “service needed” message, the Max Energy Spectrum will allow you to read the code and gives you the ability to clear the code and turn the “check engine” light off. You can then make the necessary repairs to prevent the light from coming back on.

Return To Stock Or Change Option Settings

Hypertech’s Max Energy Spectrum downloads and saves the stock tuning program, then uploads your customized Power Tuning program. Before taking your vehicle into a dealership for service, always return the vehicle’s computer back to the factory programming. Once you have the vehicle back from the dealership, reinstall the Max Energy Spectrum Power Programming as before. The Max Energy Spectrum can only be used on one (1) vehicle at a time, so if you sell your vehicle or want to use it on a friend’s vehicle, simply return your vehicle to the stock tuning program and you may then use the programmer on another vehicle that is covered in the same part number.

Internet Updateable

The Max Energy Spectrum Power Programmer comes with a USB cable and a CD containing software to enable quick updates over the internet. If your vehicle has a new calibration not available when your Max Energy Spectrum Power Programmer was manufactured, it is possible that you will see a “Cal not found” message on the Max Energy Spectrum screen. If this occurs, you can simply update your Max Energy Spectrum with the correct new calibration via the internet. Simply connect the Max Energy Spectrum (using the provided USB cord) to your computer and go to Then click on the Support button to get update downloads.

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