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A Way to Address Auto Start-Stop and V-4 Mode


This feature automatically kills the engine while the car is idling, and the driver's foot is still on the brake pedal. When the driver lets off the brake pedal, the engine starts again. This function aims to aid fuel management by lowering fuel usage and emissions by preventing needless idling.

What is V4 Mode?

Some vehicles have a "V4 mode" feature that lets them run on four, six, or eight cylinders. Some other names for this mode include cylinder deactivation or active fuel management.

What are some problems with Auto Start-Stop and V4 Mode?

The Auto Start-Stop feature might be irritating and inconvenient for certain motorists. When in V4 Mode, the engine will change from four to eight cylinders, which might result in shaking and vibration.

How can Auto Start-Stop and V4 Mode be addressed?

Removing these functions may enhance the driving experience for some drivers, particularly those who often drive short distances or through congested traffic. A device like the Hypertech PowerStay for select GM and Ford vehicles can do that. The plug-in module disables Auto Start-Stop and/or cylinder deactivation (V4 mode) on many modern vehicles.

Even while Auto Start-Stop and V4 Mode may have benefits, there are valid reasons to want to disable them. These include decreasing the amount of wear and tear on the engine and battery, alleviating certain safety concerns in particular driving scenarios, catering to personal preferences and preferences for comfort, and saving money. hypertech.com