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Plug and Play Digital Performance Data Module

Read and display all sensor data available for your vehicle. This aids in the diagnostic process, simply select any sensor from the list to be displayed. This data can also be viewed in one of GaugePAC’s 17 unique preconfigured gauge designs. The OBDII interface allows you to stream up to 14 different data points simultaneously.

Drag Strip

The Drag Strip program allows you to measure your vehicle’s performance and produces an exact duplication of a drag strip time slip, with reaction times, 60ft, 330ft, 1/8 mile, 1,000ft, and ¼ mile speeds and ETs.


The Dynamometer programs calculates both the horsepower and torque verses RPM at the engine, as well as horsepower verses road speed at the driving wheels.


Simply and easily read and clear DTCs, while gaining a better understanding of what caused the code. The GaugePAC not only displays codes, but gives you a brief description of the code, so you better understand the possible issues affecting your vehicle. This shortens the diagnostic process and helps you get back on the road sooner with more accurate repairs.

Vehicle/Owner Information

This feature gives the owner the ability to review or configure various overall setting for the GaugePAC such as display settings, volume, basic vehicle information, etc.

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1999-2008 Fords

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1999-2008 GMs
2004-2006 Dodge Ram Hemis
2001-2002 Dodge Ram Cummins
2005-2006 Dodge\Jeep\Chrysler SUV and Cars with Hemis