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Speedometer Calibrator

Keep Your Computer Reading In-Line With Larger Tires
Our In-line Speedometer Calibrator Module is an in-line module that corrects the computer reading for vehicles with computers that don’t allow for tire size/rear gear ratio correction or tire sizes/rear gear ratios that are outside the range of programmers.

Installation Is A Snap
Using the USB cable connect the In-line Speedometer Calibrator Module to your PC and enter the new tire height and/or rear gear ratio. Next, simply disconnect the factory connector to the instrument cluster (behind the dash), snap in the In-line Speedometer Calibrator Module, reconnect the cluster, and you’re done! In a matter of minutes, you can accurately correct your computer reading (as required by law).

Emissions Certified 50-State Legal

Emissions Certified 50-State Legal
Depending on the application, the In-Line Speedometer Calibrator Module is 50-State legal. To find out if the In-Line Speedometer Calibrator Module is 50-state legal for your application, do a Year/Make/Model search at the top of the page.