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How We Tune

Power Tuning is a procedure that Hypertech invented and developed to improve the performance and efficiency of computer-controlled vehicles. An internal combustion engine needs air, fuel, and spark, the familiar "Combustion Triangle". Hypertech Power Tuning optimizes these three elements to produce maximum performance. An engine's power output is directly proportional to the amount of air and fuel that it can burn. Hypertech Power Tuning maximizes engine performance by burning the air/fuel mixture as efficiently as possible, thereby extracting maximum power. Power Tuning replaces the stock calibrations in the onboard computers used in late-model cars and trucks. These complex programs control important engine functions such as spark timing and fuel delivery. The only way to modify fuel delivery and spark timing to increase power is to optimize the tuning information supplied to the computer. This is exactly what Hypertech Power Tuning does.

It is a slow, demanding, expensive process, but it is the only way to optimize engine tuning. Only Hypertech has the personnel, the custom equipment, and the dedication to do it...for all tuning products.

The Art and Science of Power Tuning

The team of engineers and technicians at our R&D center in Memphis uses two computerized chassis dynamometers to develop the most powerful tuning programs possible. First they experimentally adjust the spark timing to obtain the highest torque and power readings at a given engine rpm. Then they adjust the air/fuel ratio to obtain the highest possible power and torque readings that an optimized air/fuel mixture can produce. After the spark timing and air/fuel ratio for that particular engine speed have been optimized, the rpm is increased to the next point and the entire procedure is repeated again. The process continues, point by point, up to the engine's maximum speed. This technique is called experimental, point-by-point curve fitting. There is no more effective way to power tune an engine.

Hypertech Power Tuning calibrations are extensively road tested under "real world" driving conditions to verify their performance. The result: Power gains you can feel and dependability you can trust! The results can be very impressive. For example, our Max Energy Power Programmer for Dodge Cummins 5.9L HO Diesels produced a gain of 285 ft./lbs. torque and 174 horsepower without opening the hood!

How Power Tuning Works

The factories tune for average drivers who might buy low-octane gasoline and lug the engine. Our calibrations are engineered for drivers who care about performance and use premium-grade fuel. Gains of 10 to 20 horsepower with 3 to 7 tenths of a second improvement in acceleration times from 0 to 70 mph are typical - some improvements are even greater. However, some applications can enjoy tuning specifically for regular fuel. You can check on these applications by clicking on Dodge, Ford, or GM to view our feature comparison charts.

Hypertech Power Tuning makes trucks and sport utility vehicles come alive, too. These drivers will have more power for climbing hills, hauling heavy loads, and accelerating onto freeways. Power Tuning is an exact science. Much of the equipment we use was designed and built by Hypertech's engineers specifically for software engineering and high-performance engine tuning.

We don't do "generic" tuning at Hypertech - we power tune to optimize performance for specific applications. Our advanced technology allows us to store a huge amount of information in a package that fits in the palm of your hand. Hypertech's Power Programmer contains numerous Power Tuning programs. When you connect the Power Programmer to a vehicle, its "smart" program instantly recognizes the vehicle's powertrain by reading its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN contains specific information on the engine, transmission, and drivetrain, which the Power Programmer decodes before it downloads the Power Tuning program that is precisely tailored to that particular powertrain. Increasing horsepower and torque is as simple as pushing a button with Hypertech's Power Programmer. You simply plug the Power Programmer into the underdash diagnostic connector, answer a series of "Yes/No" questions, and the Power Programmer does the rest. Hypertech's Power Programmers also allow you to return to the original factory-installed engine calibrations in just a few minutes. Hypertech Power Tuning is emission-legal in all 50 states and does not void the vehicle's factory warranty. Hypertech Power Tuning puts fun and excitement into driving. It gives performance enthusiasts the extra power they want for high-performance driving, pulling, or towing.