Can I Improve Towing Capacity/Capability with a Programmer? – Hypertech, Inc.

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Can I Improve Towing Capacity/Capability with a Programmer?

Limitations on Increasing Towing Capacity

In short, no, you cannot improve towing capacity/capability beyond what is set by the vehicle’s manufacturer. If your vehicle can tow 15,000 pounds, then even with a power programmer, it will still only tow 15,000 pounds. What the programmer does, however, is improve power & performance for all towing at or under the towing limit of your vehicle. One example would include adding more horsepower and torque to help the vehicle in towing situations like accelerating to get on the interstate or going up steep grades.

Hypertech's Advanced Tuning Technology

Hypertech’s tuning technology is unmatched. Our full staff of engineers stay current on the rapid advancements in tuning and programming technologies. We use state-of-the-art All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) chassis dynamometers, with custom tuning software that allows for dynamic loading of the power absorber, which gives us the ability to simulate aerodynamic drag, additional weight, and even road grade. Hypertech engine is the only tuning on the market that doesn’t have to offer limited power tunes for fuel economy or towing levels. Our tuning is safe for hauling and towing the maximum weight designated by the vehicle’s manufacturer. We focus on efficiency rather than a certain power output, so there are no towing restrictions other than the vehicle manufacturer’s maximum allowed capacity. Maximum power output comes by nature when increasing the efficiency of the engine.

Testing and Optimization of Hypertech Tunes

We also perform extensive road and track testing, plus consumer beta testing to ensure our tunes are the best. Hundreds of dyno runs are made to optimize engine performance under normal driving and at wide-open throttle. We methodically optimize spark advance and air/fuel ratio

point-by-point throughout the entire RPM band from just off idle to wide-open throttle until we have reached maximum horsepower and torque gains, while maintaining safe engine and transmission parameters. Finally, we perfect the tune on the street making sure the vehicle’s performance is optimized for normal driving and/or towing/hauling heavy loads. And optimized means just that it can’t get any better! What’s that mean for you? Maximum power and performance, as well as improved fuel economy!

Flexibility and Benefits of the Hypertech Programmer

The programmer is flexible too. When you're not towing, you can reprogram your vehicle for improved power & performance, plus increased fuel efficiency. That flexibility is the Hypertech programmer's biggest advantage. You can use the programmer to dial in the performance for exactly how you drive your vehicle.

Real-World Applications and Confidence in Towing

No matter what you drive, a Hypertech programmer you will give you more confidence with maximum power & performance when towing your travel trailer, fifth wheel, or any heavy load up a steep incline, accelerating to get the interstate, or any kind towing or hauling.