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Hypertech Powerstay: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hypertech Powerstay?

The Hypertech Powerstay solves one of the most annoying problems known to mankind in some newer GM and Ford vehicles, and that would be the Auto Start-Stop and/or cylinder deactivation (V4 mode). That is, when the car comes to a complete stop and you have your foot on the brakes, either the engine shuts off or the cylinders shut down until you press the gas pedal again.


How Do I Install It?

Installation is easy. You plug the Powerstay into your car’s On-Board Diagnostic Port (OBD-2). While the location of the OBD-2 Port is different in every car, it will almost always be under the dashboard and steering wheel within arm's reach of the driver.


How Does the Powerstay Work?

Once you plug the Powerstay into your car’s electrical system, it will interrupt the signal sent from the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to the engine and prevent it from shutting anything down. Your car’s computer essentially thinks that the V4, or Auto Stop-Start modes are disabled.


What Are the Main Benefits of Using the Powerstay?

Improving Your Mental Health

 Driving is stressful enough without the added aggravation of the car shutting off and turning on every 50 feet at each stop sign. Once you disable this ridiculous feature, then suddenly the guy cutting you off will be a little easier to tolerate.


Improved Gas Mileage

Depending on your driving habits, some users can actually see better fuel economy. It is kind of ironic, because the original reason for these modes was improved fuel efficiency.


Is the Hypertech Powerstay Safe to Use In My Car?

Absolutely. The Powerstay is what is known as a plug-and-play device and does not require any special modification to your electrical system. This makes it extremely safe to use.