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The Hypertech REACT Throttle Optimizer: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Hypertech REACT?

It is a computer-powered device that you plug into your car in order to maximize its throttle performance. It works by interrupting the signals going from your vehicle’s electrical system to the engine and tuning it for maximum power and efficiency.


Where Do I Mount the REACT and How?

You mount the REACT on your dashboard using the magnetic air-conditioning vent mount that comes with it. Hypertech also sells a pedestal swivel mount for the REACT that is available on their website.


Can I Update The Firmware For the REACT Online?

Yes! Hypertech always has the latest firmware for the REACT available on their website. All you need to do is download it and install it.


Does the REACT Come in Different Models?

Yes. There are 3 models of the Hypertech REACT: performance, tow, and off-road. Each of the models is used for their namesake’s purposes.


Are There Different Modes I Can Switch To For Different Applications?

Absolutely, the REACT has multiple driving modes like Track, Sport, Street, Economy, and Stock to deliver power when and where you need it the most.


Does the REACT Work With Manual or Automatic Transmissions?

The Hypertech REACT is designed to work with any type of transmission. As long as the REACT is compatible with the make and model of your vehicle, then it is fully compatible with the transmission in that vehicle.


What Is the Smoothing Factor Feature?

The Hypertech REACT sits between the vehicle’s computer and the engine. The smoothing factor feature allows you to adjust the rate at which aggressive throttle inputs are applied to the throttle response on the REACT. This gives you less jerky movements during your ride, and it is especially noticeable at higher speeds.

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