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The Hypertech Spectrum Max Energy: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hypertech Spectrum Max Energy?

It is a computer chip packed with some of the latest automobile tuning and management software from Hypertech. Although what you see in the product photos is a display unit, the real magic is in the programmed chip. It isn’t just performance tuning software, either. It has an on-board Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Diagnostic Troubleshooting Code display, Speedometer correction, and much more.


Who Needs a Max Energy Spectrum?

Anyone who wants to get the most from their vehicle in many different areas. Racing enthusiasts love it because they have ultimate control over their engine’s throttle response, speedometer calibration, performance handling, and engine efficiency. They can customize the pedal curves on the throttle by using tuning software and upload it to the Spectrum.


I’ve Done All Kinds of Modifications to My Car. Will the Spectrum Still Work?

Yes. In fact, having a lot of aftermarket modifications to your car is a reason to buy the Spectrum, because it does a great job of tuning different systems together to get the best possible configuration. That is something you may not be able to accomplish without the Spectrum.


What is the Purpose of the Shift Tuning Feature of the Spectrum?

There are multiple purposes of the shift tuning capabilities of the Spectrum. Reducing shift lag, which is that hesitation you feel in between gears while driving, will give you a smoother ride and increase performance. Adjusting shift firmness will allow the transmission to respond quicker to gear changes and give you a more aggressive vehicle on the road. This is a great feature for performance drivers. Improving shift hold is important for drivers who haul loads, such as tow-truck drivers, because it keeps the transmission in gear longer.


Does the Spectrum Come With a Warranty?

Yes, the Max Energy Spectrum comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. For more information, click here to visit the Hypertech website.