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The Hypertech TPMS + Booster: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Hypertech TPMS + Booster?

It is a wireless automatic Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for your vehicle. It then transmits the data to the digital display mounted on your vehicle’s dashboard.


What Does the Booster Do?

The booster increases not only the sensitivity of the TPMS’s sensors so that it can work with really thick tires and tires with metal valve stems, but it increases the signal range of the sensors so that the TPMS will work with a trailer also.


How Many Tires Does It Monitor At Once?

The Hypertech TPMS will monitor four tires at the same time. Of course, once you add a trailer, then you have six tires. The solution is to purchase more sensors. Hypertech sells them on their website.


I Have A TPMS Idiot Light In My Car. Will the Hypertech TPMS Interfere With It?

No, the Hypertech TPMS is an add-on device. It does not cancel anything out or disable anything on your vehicle. Hypertech’s products add features to your automobile and don’t remove them unless that is the whole purpose to begin with.


How Long Do The Batteries In The Sensors Last?

On average, you will have to replace the batteries in the tire sensors about every 2 or 3 years. Of course, this is only an estimate. Different climates affect batteries in different ways, so you can expect either a shorter or even longer battery life than that.


It Plugs Into My OBD-2 Port, Right?

NO! The Hypertech TPMS+Booster does NOT plug into your vehicle's On-Board Diagnostic Port. It simply plugs into your 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter port using the wire that comes with it. Remember, the System is using wireless communications to talk to the tire sensors, not computer cables. So there is no need for plugs other than the power plug.

For more information, please visit the Hypertech website or click here to get your Hypertech TPMS + Booster today!