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The PowerStay And The React Throttle Optimizer

The PowerStay Introduction


The Hypertech PowerStay™ is the ideal product if you are not liking your vehicle’s Auto Start-Stop system (or what GM calls "Active Fuel Management") and having to turn it off each time you drive your vehicle or the subpar performance and efficiency of your vehicle’s cylinder deactivation (V4 mode) when cruising on the interstate. The idea behind these systems is to reduce the carbon emissions of a vehicle. However, some people do not like these systems.

Using PowerStay

The PowerStay will instantly and safely disable your Auto Start-Stop and/or V4 mode (cylinder deactivation) in your vehicle. Installing the PowerStay couldn’t be easier. Just plug the PowerStay into your OBD-II port under the driver’s side of the dash. That’s all there is to it! And if at any time you want to enable either of these systems, simply unplug the PowerStay from the vehicle. You now have an active fuel management disabler at your disposal.

Considerations with PowerStay

It is important to note that if you have a GM vehicle with active Onstar, the OnStar system can not run the full diagnostics when the PowerStay or similar devices are plugged into the OBD-II port of the vehicle. PowerStay users that have the OnStar diagnostic app on their phone will get a message saying that some modules have faults, which is not accurate. Contact General Motors for further clarification. Also, the PowerStay always draws power, even when in sleep mode. So, it's a good idea to unplug the PowerStay from the vehicle if the vehicle is in long term storage or not driven for an extended period of time.

The React Throttle Optimizer Overview

The React Throttle Optimizer® is a throttle response controller at your fingertips. Easy to use, you can switch between multiple modes and control the throttle intensity of each mode on-the-fly. And is available in 3 versions: Off-Road, Performance, and Tow. So there is a React Throttle Optimizer that perfectly matches your driving style. And depending on the application, the React Throttle Optimizer is 50-State legal.

Safety Features of the React Throttle Optimizer

The React Throttle Optimizer has built in safety protection. The React incorporates multiple checks of the accelerator pedal signals coming and going from the microprocessor inside. If any process is not performing exactly as expected the REACT enters a bypass mode which removes it’s circuitry from the path to the ECU, and flashes an error signal on the control unit.

Special Mode for Off-Roading

During extreme off-roading the accelerator pedal can bounce and move suddenly as you bounce over obstacles. Increasing the throttle sensitivity would cause a very dynamic power delivery which has the potential to be dangerous and destructive. The purpose of the React Throttle Optimizer is to improve drivability, and we accomplished this by developing the CRAWL mode with a dynamic dampening factor that can smooth out a bouncing accelerator pedal in extreme off-roading conditions. This intelligence puts the React Throttle Optimizer head and shoulders above the competition!