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Throttle Optimizer - Who Needs One?

REACT, Hypertech’s throttle optimizer, is a power programmer for your vehicle. But that only says so much. In this post, we’re going to take a peek at who would find one especially useful.

Racing Enthusiasts

Do you feel the need for speed? Well, you’re not alone. Hypertech knows that, and they built the REACT to amplify the throttle signal. The performance gain isn’t the same for every make and model vehicle, but it is a gain nonetheless.


Tow-Truck Drivers

REACT comes in multiple models, and one of them is the TOW model. It allows for the proper delivery of throttle at exactly the right time for when you are towing weight. With the rising cost of insurance, it is a smart addition to any commercial tow vehicle.


People Who Ride Off-Road

When you’re tackling different and challenging trails, you need optimal traction and throttle control. REACT created the off-road model especially for this type of activity. With the Off-Road model, it also has several modes for the specific type of terrain you’re driving on, such as mud, sand, and street.


Drivers Who Love Customization

 While the Hypertech REACT comes pre-programmed with different selectable modes, those drivers who want to get even more analytical with their tuning can download the REACT Tuning Optimizer software and customize it themselves. The throttle response operates based on pedal curves, and the tuning software allows the user to create their own sets of tuning curves and upload them to the REACT.


People Who Drive Long Distances

Over long drives, the throttle optimizer helps you maintain a constant speed more easily. This reduces engine wear and increases gas mileage.

Ultimately, the Hypertech REACT is an impressive piece of technology that adds quite a bit of benefit to your vehicle with very little effort on your part. Click here to get the REACT for your car or truck today.