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Using Hypertech Performance Products in Older Vehicles

Enhancing Tire Safety with Hypertech Wireless TPMS

For about the last 10 years, most vehicles have tire pressure monitors. A lot of vehicles older than that don't come with a tire pressure monitoring system. However, you can keep an eye on your tire pressure if you own an older vehicle with the Hypertech® Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The Hypertech Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System installs easily and tells you several things, including current tire pressure, tire temperature, and whether or not there's a air leak. The system comes with a 25-foot extension cord so that you can connect it to a trailer if you do a lot of towing. The TPMS also contains a booster, which will send the signal further in cases where the tires would otherwise be out of range, such as with a fifth wheel RV.

Optimizing Vehicle Performance with Hypertech Programmers

Remember, too, that the original Hypertech Max Energy® and current Max Energy Spectrum Power Programmer® is paired with your vehicle by its vehicle identification number, or VIN. That way, the programmer will know all of the factory specs for your vehicle, no matter what kind of vehicle it is, and will base all of its changes on its characteristics. Of course, your vehicle has to have an OBD-II port into which you can plug in the programmer. All 1996 and newer vehicles have have an OBD-II port, which means that you can use Hypertech products on select vehicles from 1996 and newer. You will see great improvements in power & performance, as well as fuel efficiency, for any kind of driving, whether you’re off-roading, towing, or just daily street driving.  

Important Considerations Before Installing Hypertech Products

There are certain things to remember when installing a Hypertech Performance Product in an older vehicle. First, don't worry if all the warning lights come on at once when you're doing the program. That's normal. Second, if your car isn't designed for flex fuel (E85), then despite having the Max Energy, you won't be able to use flex fuel in your vehicle. Doing so could possibly cause severe damage to your vehicle and cost you thousands to repair.