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What is a Power Programmer and How Does it Work?

A power programmer is a device that connects to your vehicle's onboard computer and then adjusts the spark advance and air/fuel ratio to increase power and performance. Additionally, they have other adjustable application specific performance features like top-speed/rev limiter, throttle response, automatic transmission adjustments, as well as many others.


Gas Vehicles

The Max Energy Spectrum Power Programmer® has engine tuning for both regular and premium octane. So you can choose which tuning program to use with what octane you are using in your vehicle. The power gains you get with regular octane aren’t quite as high as gains using premium octane, but the power gains from regular octane are excellent when using the cost-effective regular octane. Of course, the expanded power from the premium octane engine tuning lets you push the envelope all the way to the maximum your vehicle's engine can take safely.


Flex-Fuel Vehicles

When it comes to flex fuel, the Max Energy Spectrum Power Programmer can boost the performance of any engine using E-85 to similar levels as a gasoline or diesel engine. Generally, however, because E-85 produces less power per ml of fuel than other options, it's a good idea to leave the programmer on the premium octane engine tuning. The real advantage of the combination of the E-85 and the programmer is the part-throttle efficiency during cruising at highway speeds.


Diesel Vehicles

The Max Energy Spectrum Power Programmer also adds to the raw towing power of the Cummins, Duramax, and Power Stroke diesel engines. Diesel vehicles get three (3) stages of engine tuning. Stage 3, even with the highest power gains, still maintains engine safety while keeping emissions under control and below legal limits.


Application Specific Performance Features

The Max Energy Spectrum Power Programmer also has application specific performance features so you can dial in the performance to your vehicle exactly how you want. Those adjustable features depend on the year/make/model of the vehicle, and not all adjustable features are available in all vehicles. Those application specific features include:


• Throttle/Shift Response

• Automatic Transmission Shift Points/Firmness

• Top-Speed/Rev Limiter

• Disable Auto Start-Stop and/or Cylinder De-Activation (V4 mode)

• Speedometer Calibrator

• Cooling Fan “On/Off” Temperatures

PLUS…Many others!!