Emissions and Carb Information for California Residents – Hypertech, Inc.

Hypertech Products Are 50-State Street-Legal

In the interest of improved air quality, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) requires new vehicle and manufacturers of aftermarket parts to develop engine and emissions equipment that either reduce or maintain specific air pollutants affected by vehicle use. Both the California Vehicle Code (Section 27156) and Federal Clear Air Act (administered by the Environmental Protection Agency) prohibit modifications that increase vehicle emissions. Hypertech includes meeting all E.O. requirements in its product development process. This guarantees that users of Hypertech products will meet certification requirements when registering, selling or needing to pass various emissions tests or Inspection and Maintenance (I&M) programs administered by state or local enforcement agencies. So, on an ongoing basis, Hypertech obtains and includes CARB E.O.s for its emissions-related products. This ensures these products are not detrimental to ambient air quality and meet requirements necessary for their legal sale and use. Make sure that any emissions-related product you buy and install carries an E.O. number. Without this verification you are at risk, in potential violation of regulations and may incur unnecessary financial obligations during vehicle inspection. Do a product search by vehicle year/make/model on our website for your purchased Hypertech product(s) to verify that it has CARB E.O. certification.

What Do You Need To Do?

The tuning/programming file in your Hypertech product has been approved & certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Hypertech supplies you with a CARB E.O. certification decal in the product packaging that should be placed on your vehicle. It is required by law that this decal be placed in the driver’s door jamb as shown to the right.

The decal displays the CARB E.O. certification number for the Hypertech product applicable & installed on your vehicle. To obtain a CARB E.O. decal for the Hypertech product(s) installed on your vehicle, contact our tech support department toll free at 1.800.532.3351. You can also print a CARB E.O. confirmation PDF file by choosing the appropriate CARB E.O. certification number(s) below for your Hypertech product(s) installed on your vehicle. Do a product search by vehicle year/make/model on our website for your specific Hypertech product(s) CARB E.O. certification number(s).

If You Have Any Questions

Contact our tech support department toll free at 1.800.532.3351.


Max Energy Spectrum Power Programmer

  1. CARB E.O. D-260-25

  2. CARB E.O. D-260-33

  3. CARB E.O. D-260-35



Speedometer Calibrator

  1. CARB E.O. D-260-22

  2. CARB E.O. D-260-26

  3. CARB E.O. D-260-40

  4. CARB E.O. D-260-41

  5. CARB E.O. D-260-42

  6. CARB E.O. D-260-46



In-Line Speedometer Calibrator Module

  1. CARB E.O. D-260-43

  2. CARB E.O. D-260-44

  3. CARB E.O. D-260-45

  4. CARB E.O. D-260-46



Polaris Powersports

  1. CARB E.O. D-260-37

  2. CARB E.O. D-260-38

  3. CARB E.O. D-260-39



React Throttle Optimizer

  1. CARB E.O. D-260-27

  2. CARB E.O. D-260-28

  3. CARB E.O. D-260-29

  4. CARB E.O. D-260-30

  5. CARB E.O. D-260-31

  6. CARB E.O. D-260-32

  7. CARB E.O. D-260-36



Max Energy Power Programmer

  1. CARB E.O. D-260-15

  2. CARB E.O. D-260-18

  3. CARB E.O. D-260-19

  4. CARB E.O. D-260-20



Power Chip for GM

  1. CARB E.O. D-260-0 thu D260-9